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07/17/18 Simpson Hybrid S Rentals St. Louis Race Gear has partnered with the Motorsport Safety Foundation to make the Simpson Hybrid S frontal head restraint (FHR) available on a rental basis in an effort to significantly increase the use of head and neck restraints in the HPDE world. These are the only ones certified for use with BOTH standard 3-point seatbelts and full racing harnesses. They sell for $1,095 plus $8 for the FIA hologram but our rental fees are $50 for 1 day events, $90 for a 2 day, $135 for a 3 day with a 10% first time renter discount. A portion of each rental goes to the MSF. We can ship free to the continental USA, renter pays return freight. You can bet that every driver in the Advanced Group uses one. What about you? Here is a link to our Facebook page with a great video explaining how important the use of a FHR really is: Our phone number is 1-833-STL-RACE (1-833-785-7225) feel free to call to order or just ask questions. Be safe, be well. $50/$90/$135
07/11/18 SOLO DL Lap timer/Data Logger For sale: AIM SOLO DL--$325.00. I’m selling because I am upgrading to the SOLO 2 DL. This unit has performed flawlessly and still functions correctly. I have it connected to an in-car camera that shows the data from the SOLO overlaid on the video. This is NOT just the lap timer model, it also has the data logging features. Currently being used with an OBD II connection. New units sell for $599.00. GENERAL INFO The AiM SOLO DL GPS Lap Timer/Data Logger is AiM's most cost-effective and technically packed data component on the market. When creating this product, the goal was to produce a data piece that every DE student, aspiring racer, or even professional coach could use. This means the result needed to be affordable, compact, easy to install, and easy to use. AiM succeeded in every aspect. More than just a lap timer, the SOLO is a basic data logger that not only shows the user how fast they are each lap, but also provides the quantitative measurements to show you how to improve. Features include: • Using either the included screw/velcro-on mounting bracket or the optional window suction cup, the SOLO drops in your car in less than a minute. The internal battery means no wires are required to get started - power cord and CAN cable use is optional. • Lap time Display - SOLO displays your best lap, as well as either rolling lap time (running lap), static lap (last completed lap), or Predictive Lap. Predictive Lap is the most valuable tool for improving your driving and gives instantaneous feedback as you are driving a lap on whether you are faster or slower than your best lap. There is no other substitute for this immediate feedback. • Programmable pages allow you to view specific measurements as you drive. Each page can be customized to show from one to four measurements such as: RPM, speed, gear, lap time, distance, best lap, AAT, etc. • Data Analysis - SOLO records data to be downloaded and analyzed using AiM Race Studio 2 software, one of the easier to use and powerful data software tools on the market. More than lap times, Race Studio 2 to shows exactly where you can improve and pick up speed on the track. If the Predictive Lap display is half of the value of a data system, powerful and user-friendly analysis software is the other half, and RS2 fits the description. • Track Recognition - SOLO includes a list of the world’s main track GPS coordinates. At power up, the internal GPS in the SOLO provides a location and loads the configuration for the track you're driving. • Performance Measures - SOLO can be used as a measuring tool for your car's performance - a great way to evaluate your most recent upgrade. Industry standard tests include 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, and 0-60 mph, including 60' times and trap speed. • GPS Antenna - An internal GPS antenna in the SOLO provides precise location and track mapping capability and speed outputs. Additionally, a start/finish line is set so you don't have a trackside beacon to lose or forget at the track. $325.00
07/07/18 porsche book book- LIE ZU IHM-- by hermann lapper -pub in the 1960s-said to be the holly grail- book in very good condition with dust jacket--- others sell for $1700 plus-- my price $1300 plus shipping $1300
07/07/18 fuchs wheels four 5 1/2 x15- in near mint condition off my show car- with porsche center hubs- you pay shipping $2500-
06/18/18 GT4 Beautiful, pristine GT4. Full race bucket seats, CMS roll bar, steel brakes, fresh tires. Ready for track days. This car was never raced, and has been around the track only for HPDE events. 7,000 miles. This 2016 GT4 was delivered in August 2016 and comes with an extended CPO warranty, purchased from Porsche Nashua. Full 3M wrap, ceramic tint (FL legal) and 5 year wheel & tire warranty. Clear FL title. Car is located in the Atlanta area. Beautiful car and I hate to see it go, but I have a GT3RS on the way! $110,000 OBO.
05/29/18 73 RS tribute 1983 Porsche Vin# WPOAA0915DS122280 Exterior: Orange- bare metal paint Interior: black with Momo seats and competition belts and fire extinguisher Engine: 3 ltr Transmission: 5 speed Custom headers and exhaust- sounds great, street legal New shocks, suspension, alternator, brakes and clutch Car is street legal or could easily be made into a HSR vintage racer Will consider trade for Cup car or Radical Danny Marshall $82,500 sponsor TRI Industries