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Regional Events: Zone 4

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Maumee Valley Region PCA MVR-PCA Grattan DE 2019
The Maumee Valley Region PCA is hosting a 3 day Drivers Education at the famous Grattan Raceway! We like to keep our DE's small so there is more open track time, so be sure to sign up quick! Grattan is a fun and challenging track with a beautiful woods surrounding.  The picturesque road course is two miles long with several unique and challenging corners. It is considered to be one of the finest courses in America. Some of its features include a 3,200 foot straightaway, a 160 degree hairpin turn and a downhill reverse camber turn. If you can master Grattan, you can drive anywhere.

Saturday and Sunday will be an Instructed DE open to drivers of ALL skill levels. Novice and Intermediate drivers will be provided an instructor to help learn the track, your car, and driving skills.
Friday will be a lapping day for Instructors and Advanced drivers to put in as many laps as your tires can handle.  Again, this lapping day is only for advanced, solo drivers. 
NOTE: If you are not sure you meet this criteria, please contact the MVR CDI Craig Zenil before you register.

INCLUDED with your registration is one entry to the Saturday Night BBQ Dinner where you can meet other car enthusiasts and talk about your time on the track. There will also be many great raffle items to win! EXTRA dinners for guests can be added as an option in registration.

We will be having LADIES ONLY run group on Friday.  This is for novice ladies to get a taste of what a DE is.  This will include classroom time and a few sessions on the track with an instructor. 

Grattan offers 10 single car garages with electricity.  Also, you get the space if front of the garage on the concrete to park your truck and trailer if needed.  Garages are now handled by Sam at Grattan Raceway.  Sam can be reached at (616)691-7221.

Be sure to tell your friends, the event registration will be kept small so there is plenty of open track time to learn and enjoy your car! sign up quick.

Because of our SMALL run groups and large “wait list” last year, we ask that you pay for your registration at check-out in order to be "confirmed".  Once paid, you will receive a “confirmation” email, which means that your spot is reserved.  Contact Tony Calabrese if you are having trouble processing your payment.

Hotel Info: We have a limited amount of rooms reserved at the AmericInn Greenville Hotel & Suites.  When reserving a room, be sure to say you are with the MVR-PCA
AmericInn Lodge & Suites Greenville
2525 W. Washington, Greenville, MI 48838
(800)634-3444 or (616)754-4500
Check In: 3:00 PM | Check Out: 11:00 AM

Ohio Valley Region PCA Autocross July, 27th, 2019
Autocross held at Ky Speedway
Northern Ohio Region PCA Nelson Ledges 2019 High Performance Driver Education & 944Fest Sponsored by Porsche Beachwood
The Northern Ohio Region PCA will be running a High Performance Driver's Ed event at Nelson Ledges open to all marques and all skill levels!

Nelson Ledges is back!!! Nelson Ledges has always been a local favorite with a rich racing history.  However, as the track condition continues to deteriorate, many of us were worried it would become a ghost.  Fortunately, a hardcore car enthusiast family has purchased the track and is completely rebuilding the facility.  Most importantly, they stripped the track down to the road bead and completely repaved it.  The also added apex curbing and will be adding exit curbing soon.  Nelson has always claimed to be the fastest 2-mile track in the country, and after taking some laps on it, I can verify that it lives up to that claim.  The track is wickedly fast - the new pavement has tons of grip and the new curbing allows you to attack the corners much more aggressively than in the past.

In addition to the new track surface, they have been steadily improving the facilities as a whole., The are pouching back the wall in several places to provide more runout and make things safer, all of the ramshackle buildings have been torn down, and there are new bathrooms with Air conditioning!

This will be a standard weekend HPDE, but will also be hosting the 944Fest event once again on Friday.  If you are participating in the 944Fest - register with the 944Fest guys after signing up for the track event portion here:

We will also be having a huge cookout at the track on Saturday as soon as the track closes at 5:00.  Anyone who has ever come to this event can attest to the fact this is a party not to be missed.  Great food, kegs of beer, wine, and a bonfire and Chinese lantern sendoff after it gets dark.  Camping is available and is always a popular option. 

See you in August!

Mid Ohio Region PCA HPDE at IMS with MORPCA

For the fifth year, MORPCA is privileged to host a fully instructed High Performance Driver Education event at the incomparable Brickyard, using the Indy Grand Prix course.  This is a 3-day (Fri/Sun) event for all HPDE participants.

Mandatory Registration and Tech Inspection will be required on THURSDAY evening at the IMS track.

Failure to complete MANDATORY Registration & Tech inspection on THURSDAY evening will result in missed sessions on Friday morning as you wait in line for Registration & Tech Inspection.

This will be a Fully Instructed HPDE for all three days.  Registrants will have to meet minimum Beginner HPDE experience requirements (that being at least one other HPDE event at one other track).  If new to HPDE, MORPCA is offering one opportunity to get that minimum experience in 2019 before Indy.  Check out MORPCA's other HPDE events for first timers on Club Registration. To help us place you in the correct run group, please ensure that your profile on is complete and up-to-date and that the capability of your car is clear in its description.

PCA membership is not required and any car with fendered wheels can run, but all cars regardless of make need to pass MORPCA Tech Requirements for safety. We do not permit trucks or SUV's.

Our event hotel is the Residence Inn Indianapolis Airport and Fairfield Inn & Suites Indianapolis Airport. We have special group rates for you, which you can access through Copy and paste this link into your browser. As more details on the event are announced and as they are refined, you can continue to see those details at this website.

As you register, please provide us with a car number you will use during the event. If you choose a number that is duplicating a number already chosen by someone else, please choose another number from the list of available numbers. We will not permit duplicate numbers. Please display this number on both sides of your car in large digits, 8-10" tall with bold strokes, and on the rear of your car (4-6"). ClubRegistrations offers appropriate number sets for purchase through the ClubReg Store.

PLEASE NOTE that you will not be confirmed for the event until your fees are paid, so pay early to avoid being closed out and lock in your savings. See our user-friendly Refund Policy, and make sure your Profile (Driving Resume) is up to date.
Southeast Michigan Region PCA SEM/PCA Waterford Hills Road Course - August 9th
Southeast Michigan PCA - Driver's Education at Waterford Hills Road Course August 9th.

Our Nationally Trained, experienced instructors have driven and raced on courses all around the United States and will be with you to coach you throughout the day.  They can help you learn car control techniques at speed in a safe, friendly environment.

All are Welcome to Join us.

Early registration Discount price is $160.  Registration after August 4th will be $180.

Please note: You are not considered registered until payment is received.

Ohio Valley Region PCA Autocross September 7th, 2019
Autocross held at Ky Speedway
Western Michigan Region PCA Lloyd LaHuis Memorial Grand Prix of Grattan
Grattan Raceway is a 2 mile course that is a winding, hilly complex assortment of almost every conceivable corner imaginable in a road course. The ten turns include both uphill ascending and descending radius turns, a flat out dog leg off the 160 degree hairpin turn, a hidden apex, A Monza bowl, S turns and even a downhill reverse camber turn.  You do not want to miss a weekend of this Drivers track.

There will be no new students registered for Sunday only participation.
Mid Ohio Region PCA HPDE at Mid-Ohio with MORPCA - Fall
Greetings! No, this is NOT an April Fools prank! Registration for MORPCA’s Fall HPDE is now open! For two years in a row we have had absolutely perfect weather (and attitudes) at this event. I see no reason to start messing with success.

This is a fully-instructed HPDE for ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS including beginners. Whether this is your first HPDE or you've driven so many times you practice heel-toe in your sleep, we've got something for you! For Advanced Drivers, we've included a FRIDAY LAPPING DAY, followed by the full SATURDAY-SUNDAY HPDE for all driver levels. (SPECIAL NOTE: You must be AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE to participate.)

FRIDAY LAPPING DAY: To qualify for the lapping day, you should have experience running in the Instructor, Advanced, or Intermediate Solo Run Groups, have completed at least 10 previous DEs, and have experience doing PCA Expanded Passing (passing anywhere on track, including the turns). Please contact the registrar if you have questions regarding your qualifications. We anticipate starting as two run groups – high and low power – alternating on track. And when everybody demonstrates the highest levels of sportsmanship and courtesy, we will move to an open access format for the remainder of the day.

SATURDAY-SUNDAY HPDE: All experience levels are welcome. You do NOT have to have a Porsche to drive in our events! All makes of passenger cars are invited. This is a great way to learn skills for whatever your ultimate goal in driving. Whether it's to improve your on-street ability or to one day progress to club racing, this is where you start. This instructed event is for Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Solo Intermediate and Solo Advanced drivers. 

Please note that your registration is not complete and you will not be confirmed for the event until fees are paid, so pay early to avoid being closed out. See our user-friendly Refund Policy, and make sure your Profile Driving Resume is up to date as it will be used to determine Lapping Day eligibility and Run Group assignment.

Another SPECIAL NOTE: There is a DISCOUNT for early registration and payment for HPDE participants! See the Fees section at event #9579.

Also, we will again host a half-day introduction to HPDE on Sunday for folks who’d like to “test the water” before diving in. Called “DE Lite”, more information will be forthcoming on our club web site  Perfect for that friend or acquaintance you think might have a secret yearning for out-of-the-box driving.

A limited number of rooms are being held at the Comfort Inn in Bellville (419-886-4000); mention MORPCA for our group pricing. Another SPECIAL NOTE: There are several other groups that have converged on the area for Shawshank Trail driving tours and the like this Fall. Room availability in the area may be a bit more challenging than usual.

Finally, planning for special activities and guests and an off-site Saturday socializer is still in the works. Further information will be posted here and at – as well as be emailed to registrants – as the details of this event come together.

We look forward to seeing you at the track!

Jack Fowble, event chair
Dave Stetson, registrar
Jeff West, chief instructor
Southeast Michigan Region PCA SEM/PCA _ M1Concourse - Sept 24th
Southeast Michigan PCA - M1Concourse.

Join us for an exciting day at M1concourse on the Champion Motor Speedway. This 1.5 Mile performance Track has a 1/3 mile straightaway, challenging turns, and exhilarating elevation changes.  The day will be filled with plenty of track time, classroom sessions, and our experienced instructors to help guide you through learning this new course. Our experienced instructors have driven and raced on courses all around the United States and will be with you to coach you throughout the day.  They can help you learn car control techniques at speed in a safe, friendly environment.

All are Welcome to Join us. 

Early registration Discount price is $270.  Registration after Sept 19th will be $290.

**** Please note ****
You are not considered registered until payment is received. 

Northern Ohio Region PCA NORPCA Fall 2019 Mid-Ohio DE Sponsored by Porsche Beachwood
Driver Education weekend at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, OH sponsored by Porsche Beachwood.  Optional Friday lapping day for instructors and advanced students.
Ohio Valley Region PCA Ohio Valley Region Autumn Thunder October 2019
Any registration or event questions, please contact De Registrar, Dennis Okin at email: Please note, there will be no refunds the last 7 days before the event.
Central Indiana Region PCA Pumpkin Run Driver Education 2019

Central Indiana Region of the Porsche Club of America (CIRPCA) is hosting our annual Pumpkin Run Driver Education event at Putnam Park Road Course ( in Mt. Meridian, IN. on October 11-13, 2019. The driving season will be coming to a close soon, so why not close out the year with a great weekend of track fun!

Saturday and Sunday will be a traditional Driver Ed program, open to drivers of all levels, driving any make of vehicle, from 1st time track drivers thru advanced drivers. 
Friday, October 11th will be open for any advanced drivers, who have previously driven in either the Instructor, A or B groups with CIRPCA, or other advanced driving groups in other organizations, who do not require an Instructor.  We anticipate between 3 – 4 hours of open track time for these advanced drivers.  What a great way to enhance your skills, with lots of time on a less crowded track!

Putnam Park has always been a great track for both novices and advanced drivers. 2019 has proven to be a great year so far as ANOTHER COMPLETE REPAVING OF THE ENTIRE TRACK took place in fall of 2018! At Spring Brake DE in April of this year, drivers noted an incredibly smooth surface with great dry and wet weather traction. 

As always, our Saturday and Sunday DE event, features lots of track time, along with classroom training, to ensure everyone goes home a better driver.  It is open to all licensed drivers, 18 and over, driving any make vehicle. Membership in PCA is not a requirement! Instructors will be provided for all drivers at the beginning or novice levels. 

As always, participating vehicles require the completion of a Technical Inspection form by a qualified mechanic (inspected and signed no early than 30 days prior to the event) before presenting the vehicle at the track for final inspection.  Final on-site tech inspection will be available on Friday morning at the track, and again Saturday morning at the track. Drivers must bring their completed and signed tech forms to one of the onsite tech inspections. Tech forms are available on the registration website and also on the CIRPCA website by clicking on the Driver Ed icon. More details will be posted at a later time.

NEW PCA REQUIREMENT FOR 2019 - regarding 5 and 6 point harnesses and HANS devices.
New for PCA DE events for 2019, if a car is using 5 or 6 point harnesses, the driver and potentially any instructor or student passenger, must be using an appropriate HANS device and HANS equipped helmet. The Chief Instructor will make sure that instructors assigned to student vehicles with harnesses have the appropriate equipment. If you are signing ups and your vehicle has 5 or 6 point harnesses, please be aware that you will be asked to show your HANS equipment at the onsite tech inspection. 

Student Registration: Registration is via  Search for Putnam Park events, and the dates of October 11-13th.  If you are new to Club Registration, you will first need to establish an account (no cost), and create a personal profile, which includes your relevant driving experiences. 

The event fees are as follows:
Cost for the 3 day event (advanced drivers) is $575. 
Cost for the Saturday – Sunday event for all students is $400. 
CIRPCA Approved Instructors may register for Saturday and Sunday for $100.
One day may be purchased for $225.

Instructor Registration: Anyone registering to instruct must be an approved CIRPCA instructor. Questions here can be directed to the registrar. There may be some time Friday and during the weekend to evaluate and coach advanced drivers that may be interested in instructing in the future. Anyone interested can please reach out to our Chief Driving Instructor - Doug DeArmond at

Helmets: Only Snell certified helmets, carrying a 2010 or 2015 sticker, will be allowed.  A limited number of rental helmets are available, via the clubregistration website at $65 for the entire weekend.

Garage Rental: a limited number of single bay spaces are available for $150 for the entire weekend.  All garages are 1st come, 1st served, and may be reserved via Clubreg. Vehicles can be left in the garage for the weekend and there is power & compressed air available.

Host Hotel:
The host hotel will be the Holiday Inn - Cloverdale. A block of rooms has been reserved under the code "PCA" for this weekend (Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights) with the discounted rate TBD.  To reserve your room, contact the Holiday Inn:

Holiday Inn Express
1017 N Main Street
Cloverdale, IN 46120
T:  765-795-5050

Onsite Tech inspection will be available Friday and Saturday mornings at the track. 

Cars can be left at the track Friday for the weekend, so if you are attending Saturday and Sunday you can make things easier on yourself by coming Friday before track shutdown and completing your registration and tech inspection!

For further information or questions, please contact us:
CIRPCA Track Chair & Registrar: Mark Westlake email:
CIRPCA Chief Driving Instructor: Doug DeArmond email: