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Bluebonnet Tour 4/4/2020


Registration Closed

Event Information

Hosted by Lone Star Region PCA
Registrar / 2818138538
Location Chappel Hill
Event Dates 04/04/20 - 04/04/20
Registration Dates 03/04/20 12:01 AM (opens)
(central time zone)

03/16/20 12:00 PM (closes)
(central time zone)

This Bluebonnet Tour is scheduled for Saturday, April 4th.  We will meet at the Chappell Hill Deli and Bakery at the intersection of F.M. 1155 and U.S. 290 about 65 miles from downtown Houston. The wildflowers should be profuse this year and the back roads with many hills and curves are in good shape.  Register at the Chappell Hill Deli at 8:30 A.M. on Saturday for a short drivers meeting followed by scenic drives which will include the following:
1. Tour of Rennsport near Sealy; 2.Guided tour of one of the seven historic “painted churches”’ in the area;
3. Have a gourmet lunch at the Red Vault Bistro in Flatonia prepared by a French chef;
4. View rural Texas at its finest with wildflowers in bloom and mild temperatures;
5. Tour an 1890 Cotton Gin with a two thousand pound operating Bessemer diesel engine made in 1926 which generates 125 horsepower in Burton; and
6. Have the opportunity to visit with old and new LSRPCA friends following the drive at an optional dinner at the Funky Art Café in Brenham. 
The cost is $25.00 per car, plus $30.00 per head for the gourmet lunch which includes tax, tip and tea paid through The deadline to sign up for this Tour is March 30th.  You may contact George Bishop at 713-305-5510 or or Edwin Goldman at for more information.

LSR incurs significant costs in having a High Speed Driving Event.  These costs include the track rental, corner workers, etc.  These are generally non-refundable costs to LSR. 

LSR has the following cancellation policy relating to DE participants (effective as of January 1, 2011)
1.  IF you cancel prior to 10 days before the DE (prior to noon on the Wednesday one week before the event), and we are able to substitute another participant in your place, we will refund your fees.  Otherwise, all funds will be forfeited by you. 
2.  IF you cancel within 10 days before the event (after noon on the Wednesday one week before the event) or do not show up for the DE, all funds will be forfeited by you. 

In the unusual situation where the DE is canceled by LSR, all participants will receive either your return of your payment or credit for a future DE event. 
To make things clear:
(1) Application is based on the time of payment.  If, at the time of registration, you do not pay, another applicant who pays before you will be accepted before you.  Remember time of payment counts!
(2) PCA members will receive a 7-day preference before non-PCA members.  After 7-days, all applications will be treated equally.  Register early!
(3) It is your responsibility to enter your verified PCA membership number.  If no number is entered at registration, it will be assumed that you are not a PCA members.  As such, you will be treated as a non-PCA member.  It is YOUR responsibility.  If you have not entered your PCA number, it is your fault and you will lose any preference!

We will email you when your application has been accepted, which is contingent on your payment having been received.  You can always check www. ClubRegistation. net for your status. 

Verified PCA Members shall be given acceptance preference over non-members for the first 7 days that the application process is open.  After the first 7 days, applications are accepted on an as-received basis for PCA members and non-members.  This means that a non-member who submits an application and makes payment during the first seven days will have preference over a member who makes payment after the first seven days, even if applied on-line within the first seven days. 
For a PCA Member to be verified, he/she must include his/her PCA membership number, which will be verified by our system as the correct and current membership number associated with that member. 
THERE ARE NO WALK-ONS ON TH DAY OF THE EVENT, regardless of whether or not all places at the DE have been filled. 

Since it is possible to apply to participate in a DE without making payment, your application is time-stamped as to when you make payment, not as to when you made the on-line application.  Applicants are encouraged to pay at the same time as they make their application. 
Our system will record your time of payment as your application time.  Irrespective of when you apply on-line, your application will not be accepted until your payment (via PayPal) has been received.  This means that if someone applies after you but pays before you, the other person will be accepted before you.  For example, if there is only one spot available and you apply but do not pay, then someone who pays before you, even if they applied after you, will get that spot!

There are about 20 garages available for rent by participants for each event ($50 per weekend).  At the time you make your on-line application, you can request a garage. 
Garage preferences are the same as the for the application; however, you do not pay for the garages at time of application.  If you are assigned a garage, we will advise you sometime during the week before the event.  At that time, it will be necessary for you to make your payment through the on-line registration system. 

Event Fees

Entry Type Fee Description
Entry Fee $25.00 Per car

Event Options

Event Options Fee
Lunch including tax, tip and tea

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