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Boxstoberfest 2020


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Hosted by Boxstoberfest
Registrar / 832-693-5319
Location Fredericksburg, TX
Event Dates 09/11/20 - 09/13/20
Registration Dates 07/01/20 08:00 AM (opens)
(central time zone)

09/04/20 12:00 PM (closes)
(central time zone)
Description Welcome to the registration site for Boxstoberfest.  (Sept 11-13, 2020)

****-> This is Very Important - Read this entire message <-****
When you register for Boxstoberfest, you are registering the number of PEOPLE attending, not the number of cars. 

When you register, the Qty. @ Cost field indicates how many PEOPLE will be attending in your party, not the number of cars.  Any person who participates in ANY event must be registered.  If you indicate 1 in the Qty. @ Cost field, it means only one person is attending.  If you indicate any other number than 1 in any event, it means you need to register more than 1 on the Qty. @ Cost field.  The registrar will check the numbers and if it appears more than 1 are attending and the field only indicates 1, he will send you a note.  The QTY and associated MUST be paid prior to the event signup date or your entire admission will be denied.  Also, please make sure when registering you access the Options tab, and select the drive, dinner, and shirt options BEFORE clicking pay.  Registration cutoff date is 10:00 pm August 28, 2020 and t-shirt cutoff date is August 21. ****** Due to overwhelming demand and capacity limits, we limit registration to each driving event for safety and to ensure everyone has a good time.  The main event route is limited to 80 cars, the rally tour to 20 cars and the scenic tour to 30 cars.  If one event fills up, please do consider another - they are all fun.  The Scenic Tour and Rally generally always have plenty of room for participants.  Please remember, Rule 1 of Boxstoberfest is safety, which means DO NOT PASS (there will be a test on this).  Boxstoberfest IS NOT a high speed driving event, it is A TOUR.  The event will provide thrills and test your driving prowess ON PUBLIC ROADS, but THIS IS A TOUR.  There is absolutely NO PASSING allowed (unless you can safely pull over and wave those behind you ahead).  If you are looking to drive all out, pass others, or otherwise be stupid, we respectfully ask you find the proper venue (DE, Performance Driving School, or otherwise) because this is A TOUR.  While not required, we highly suggest you have a tech inspection done (most dealers do this for free).  Ensure your tires have adequate tread, your brakes are properly maintained, and your vehicle is fit enough to sustain an all day driving event in the TX heat.  Our routes take us to the nether-lands of rural Texas - Cell service is iffy and it's a long wait for a tow truck should something break.

Boxstoberfest, an officially sanctioned PCA event hosted by Lone Star Region PCA, is the largest annual Porsche Enthusiast event held in the Texas Hill Country.  We welcome all models of Porsches, not just Boxsters.  Our event focuses on driving the most beautiful and challenging roads in the central United States, and the camaraderie of 200+ fellow Porsche enthusiasts! As with last year’s event, the venue for all events will be at The Hangar Hotel (  The Hangar Hotel is located at the Gillespie County Airport, and affords a spectacular location to gather all the cars, people, and launch the drives. Due to the fabulous reception of the venue in past years, most previous attendees pre-booked the Hangar Hotel for this year as they were checking out last year - so the Hanger Hotel may be fully booked and have a waiting list. (there are a few overflow rooms at the Brewery, on Main Street).  You can contact the hotel directly (830-997-9990) and request to be added to the wait listing and and check Brewery availability. 

There are social events, multiple driving events including a 225 mile spirited follow the leader tour in the Hill Country, and a milder paced shorter drive using the a clue based rally format (follow cryptic clues to finish closest to actual mileage) geared for first timers and those who desire to see the scenery a little more, and a leisurely self drive through the Hill Country.  Whichever you choose, you are sure to have the time of your life. Please note, the clue based rally is subject to at least 6 cars registering, or the event is subject to cancellation (but this has never happened).  The Rally will be offered as a Friday pre-event starting at 1:00 pm from the Hangar Hotel, and offered again on Saturday if you do not want to participate in the longer drive. 

Please make sure when you are registering you select all meal/shirt options, and use the link to pre-pay.  We request pre-payment because our agreements with the restaurants is that we pay for all meals and venue rental in a lump sum, in advance.  This keeps the costs down so everyone can enjoy the most cost effective event of this kind on the planet.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to complete the payment process.  If you do not do so, and have not received a confirmation email that registration is complete (not just a receipt of payment), contact the registrant.  Incomplete registrants will not be allowed to participate.

If you need to cancel, please do so by September 1.  Otherwise, we would have already made all lunch/dinner reservations and commitments as to the number of guests (i.e. we pay if you show or don't).  There are no refunds for registration/dinner/lunch drives after September 1.  There are no refunds after September 1.  (not a typo or repeat, there are no refunds after September 1). 

Please note: This registration site is designed to register 1 driver, 1 navigator, and single vehicle - trying to add a bunch of cars, drivers, co-drivers, guests, different drive groups, different dinner guests..... to a single registration makes the registrar's head spin.  Call or email me instead ( Please make sure you get the number registered correct (the QTY @ field), as well as number of people attending each drive, dinner, etc....

The registration fee includes (1) T Shirt for each registrant, however please note the deadline to register and be guaranteed a shirt is August 11 at 6:00 pm.  We will order a few extras and provide based on registration date.

Refund Policy No refunds after Sept 1, 2020. 

Due to COVID-19, certain events may be cancelled such as the closing dinner or winery tour.  If that is the case and you have registered for a cancelled event, all fees for that event will be refunded.  We do not anticipate the need would arise to cancel any driving events or outdoor show and shine. 
Indemnity Policy Please see host website for details.

Event Fees

Entry Type Fee Description
General Admission/Registration $35.00 Registration, per person attending. (1) T-Shirt per registrant included. (Update QTY for number of attendees. That is, if 2 people are attending, enter 2 in qty)****-> This is Very Important <-**** Please make sure when registering, you access the Options tab, and select the drive, dinner, and shirt options BEFORE clicking pay.

Event Options

Event Options Fee
Friday Gimmick Rally
Follow a set of cryptic clues to complete a course closest to the tourmiesters mileage. Only sign up if 1) You really want to drive this, and 2) you are actually going to arrive on Friday to be able to complete this. If you get lost, we will send out scouts after we close the bar at registration to look for you. You can begin picking up course clue sheets at the registration desk on Friday, at 12:00 noon. We must have at least 6 car register in order to have this event. For those who have done one of these you know how much fun they are. For those that haven't, you are missing a truly enjoyable event.
Friday: Pre-Drive the Saturday Main Route
On Friday afternoon we are offering the ability to Pre-Drive any Saturday driving course - however this drive will not have an official drive leader. Rather, participants will be provided the route map and directions. The "regular route" is appx a 5 hour tour, not including stops (~220 miles, meals on your own), and the Scenic drive is appx 100 miles. Designed for those who want additional seat time, want to do the regular route twice, or those who want to do the scenic tour on Saturday (or just chill out in Fredericksburg) Further details will be forwarded to those who select this event. Maps can be picked up at the Hangar Hotel at 1:00, and you are free to leave from there once all waivers are signed.
Friday: National Museum of the Pacific War Tour
New for 2020: Join a few participants in touring the National Museum of the Pacific War, in downtown Fredericksburg. IMPORTANT: AS OF RIGHT NOW, YOU MUST PRE-PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS ON-LINE DIRECTLY FROM THE MUSEUM. YOU MAY PURCHASE TICKETS STARTING AUGUST 14, 2020. This is subject to change. Please visit to purchase tickets and obtain updated informtion. There is no specific time, nor group visit time, so you may go anytime on Friday, per your reservation/ticket.
Friday: Three Lakes Tour
New for 2020. A 256 mile trip North of Frdericksburg passing through Llano, Burnet, Bertram, with a lunch stop in Marble Falls (pay your own meals at the restaurant). After lunch, drive back to Fredericksburg. Tour departs from the Hangar Hotel promptly at 10:00 am.
Friday: Winery Tour
We will contract a tour bus to take attendees to several wineries. The cost here is just for the tour bus. There may (probably will be) extra fees at the wineries for tastings. Those are to be paid to the winery directly. Those who have joined in the past have had a great time. The tour buses will leave the Hangar Hotel at 1:00 pm on Friday Sept 8, and will arrive back at around 6:00 pm.
Saturday: Scenic Drive
This is a self drive event. Participants will be given a map which takes them around the scenic Hill Country. You are free to complete in your own timeframe, and enjoy the sites.
Saturday: Route 1 - Main Drive (Primarily for those who have attended before, or have other driving event experience)
VERY IMPORTANT - THIS DRIVE INCLUDES A GROUP LUNCH. PLEASE UPDATE THE QTY FOR THE NUMBER IN YOUR PARTY, SO WE CAN ORDER THE CORRECT NUMBER OF LUNCHES. A 225 mile (appx.) tour of the Hill Country. A drive leader will lead you through a pre-mapped route on some of the best driving roads in the country. This is not a race, and passing is not allowed. Registering for this drive includes lunch. Please select only one drive option for the Saturday event (i.e. If you chose this drive, do not select the Saturday Route 2 option). This drive is suggested for those drivers who have lots of seat time in their Porsches, and truly enjoy carving the twisties.
Saturday: Gimmick Rally
Follow a set of cryptic clues to complete a course closest to the tourmiesters mileage. Only sign up if 1) You really want to drive this, and 2) you didn't do the route Friday and are looking to improve your mileage If you get lost, we will send out scouts after we close the bar to look for you. You will pick up course clue sheets after the other drives have left (appx 10:15). We must have at least 6 cars register in order to have this event. For those who have done one of these you know how much fun they are. For those that haven't, you are missing a truly enjoyable event. Please remember to select only one drive option for the Saturday event.
Saturday: Closing Dinner/Social/Awards
Join us for a fantastic close to a great weekend. Our Saturday closing social will be in the Pacific Ballroom, at the Hangar Hotel. We will have some door prizes, presentations, and generally a great time reflecting on our days driving adventures over adult beverages with our old and new friends. Make sure you adjust the qty to include all attendees in your party. Cutoff date to select dinner is August 31. Cash bar available. If you have a special request for a certain wine/liquor please let us know. The venue has a 1944 WWII Pacific Quonset Hut theme. If you have the desire, and want to have some fun, come dressed in period clothing (hint - Hawaiian shirts were a big rage back then, or
T-Shirt (primary driver)
One free shirt is provided with each registration. Specify the size below for the primary driver. Additional registrants shirts are ordered on the next screens.
T-Shirt (passenger/co-driver)
For additional paid attendees only. Do not enter a quantity on this option if you are a single driver. Only select if you have entered a quantity of 2,3 or 4 as registering.
T-Shirt (passenger 3)
For additional paid attendees only. Do not select if you have not entered a quantity of 3 or 4 as registering.
T-Shirt (passenger 4)
For additional paid attendees only. Do not select if you have not enter a qty of 4 as registering.

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