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Precision Car Control Clinic (aka Autocross School)


Registration Closed; Contact Chicago Region PCA at

Event Information

Hosted by Chicago Region PCA
Registrar / 7082540408
Location Boomers Baseball Stadium, 1999 Springinsguth Rd., Schaumburg, IL 60193
Event Dates 04/18/21 - 04/18/21
Registration Dates 01/07/21 12:01 AM (opens)
(central time zone)

04/16/21 03:00 PM (closes)
(central time zone)
Description Porsche Club of America-Chicago Region is hosting this unique opportunity to learn the fundamental skills necessary for Precision Care Control from our talented members and instructors. Fundamentals include extreme braking, importance of vehicle balance, fastest and safest line through a turn and many other skills that directly transfer to daily driving, autocross, high speed Driver’s Education and even racing! Experience what it looks and feels like to REALLY control your Porsche in a safe, controlled environment.

Who should attend?
Anyone wanting to improve their driving skills, has a need for speed, or wishes to understand and experience the capability of their vehicle in a safe, closed-course environment. This is also great for folks who plan to participate in other extreme car control, Autocross or Driver’s Education events.

What should I expect?
Classroom and in-car instruction with a heavy emphasis on driving because we believe the best way to learn is to do it! The classroom sessions cover the fundamentals of performance driving and Autocross, the events our club use to test and improve these skills. You’ll also receive personal in-car instruction while navigating through various exercises marked by traffic cones. Finally, you’ll be coached by volunteer PCA-experienced drivers as you negotiate a complete, untimed Autocross course, at your own speed. This event will occur rain or shine (besides, some driving exercises are more fun in the rain!).

Autocross School co-coordinators Adam Kern and Joe Morsello, along with a whole host of volunteer instructors, will be putting on this first driving event of the season. 

Pre-registration by April 1st is required. Lunch and a t-shirt are included in the registration fee and must be ordered in advance. Those who do not pre-register by the 1st will not be provided lunch or a t-shirt.

Please be prepared to display a valid driver’s license. Minors must provide junior waivers signed by at least one parent (preferably both). Snell 2010 SA- or M-approved or newer
helmets are required but a few loaner helmets will be available. See the sponsors section of our website for PCA Chicago supporters who can provide you with appropriately sized equipment to meet your needs.
Refund Policy Refund policy - Varies by event, please see event description or contact event coordinator. 
Indemnity Policy I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Porsche Club of America-Chicago Region, as well as its directors, officers, employees, agents, advisors, and assigns (collectively, the "Club") from any loss, liability, damage, fees, or cost, including bodily injury or property damage of any sort, that I may incur or cause arising out of or related to my presence at or participation in the Club's events, whether caused by the negligence or fault of the Club, or otherwise.  I acknowledge that I remain solely responsible at all times for the safety and roadworthiness of my car, including its condition, preparation, and suitability for the Club's events, as well as my own physical and mental fitness to participate in Club events.  By participating in the Club's events, I am assuming all responsibility for risk of damage to or caused by my car, and agree that if I or my car damages or destroys any event facilities or property, I will reimburse the Club for any such expenses incurred, including without limitation, all costs and fees incurred in connection with the clean up, repair, or removal of any damaged property, spilled fluids, discarded tires or other scrap, or fees for late exit from the event facilities. 

I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Club and any supplementary rules or regulations provided in connection with the Club's events or by the event facilities owners or operators. 

Event Fees

Entry Type Fee Description
First Driver-Member $75.00 Includes: Breakfast, Classroom, Driving Exercises, Lunch, More Driving Exercises, a Mini Autocross AND a super-cool T-Shirt
Second Driver-Non-member guest $75.00 Includes: Breakfast, Classroom, Driving Exercises, Lunch, More Driving Exercises, a Mini Autocross AND a super-cool T-Shirt
Second Driver-Family member $75.00 Includes: Breakfast, Classroom, Driving Exercises, Lunch, More Driving Exercises, a Mini Autocross AND a super-cool T-Shirt
Second Driver-Share member car $75.00 Includes: Breakfast, Classroom, Driving Exercises, Lunch, More Driving Exercises, a Mini Autocross AND a super-cool T-Shirt
Classroom Only $50.00 Includes: Breakfast, Classroom, Lunch and T-Shirt Only (no driving exercises)
PCA Instructor $0.00 Instructing Only, Not Driving

Event Options

Event Options Fee
This year's Autocross t-shirt will be provided at no cost to the Autocross School students if you RSVP by April 1st.

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