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PCA-Chicago Autocross 2021 Sponsored by Midwest Performance Cars


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Event Information

Hosted by Chicago Region PCA
Registrar / 708.254.0408
Location Wintrust Field
Event Dates 05/01/21 - 05/01/21
Registration Dates 01/19/21 12:01 AM (opens)
(central time zone)

04/29/21 12:00 PM (closes)
(central time zone)
Description Autocross is an inexpensive opportunity to enthusiastically drive your Porsche or other make, in a controlled, and safe environment. Drivers navigate through pre-determined course outlined with road cones. 
You will test and improve your driving skills while experiencing the impressive handling performance of your car.
Everyone is encouraged to attend, particularly if you plan to participate in any other driving events throughout the year. Join us for some fun while becoming a better driver!

Registration opens: 8:00 am
Course Open to Walk 8:30 am
Registration closes: 9:00 am
Drivers meeting: 9:20 am
First group starts: 9:30 am

-To improve our events, we have made the following changes:
-All participants must create a ClubRegistration.Net account, register and pay online.  This includes onsite/day of, and registration the day before.
-Registration will promptly close at 9:00 am on the day of the event
-Events will be limited to 60 participants
- The success of our events is completely dependent on volunteers. Therefore, this year we are asking for participants to pre-register for several key volunteer positions. 
- Please select one item from the "Event Options" section; see descriptions for details. 

Please help us run a successful event by:
1. Pay prior to the event to avoid an additional $15 day of registration fee
2. Review the Tech Sheet and double check the “Registration Details” for accuracy
- This form will be attached to your confirmation and is available at the PCA Chicago Region website
3. Bring your completed Tech Inspection Form with you to the event.
- UTQG: This is the wear rating for your tires.  This can be found on the sidewall of your tires.  If you are new to autocross, the Tech Inspector can help you find where this is located. 
- Make sure the positive battery terminal is completely covered with tape.  This ensures that nothing can come in contact with the terminal. The PCA Chicago Autocross program reserves the right to deny participation to vehicles with excessive exhaust noise (95 db).
4. Park your vehicle next to the vehicle that arrived just before you (e.g.. not in the middle of the parking lot).  We would like to have all cars parked in the order of arrival.  This significantly improves the flow of our Tech Inspection process and helps us start our event on time.  If you want to park next to someone, please coordinate your arrival before entering the venue. 
5. Empty everything out of your car immediately after parking so that it can be Tech inspected.  Anything that is loose must be removed from your car, including floor mats.
6. Complete and place the Tech Inspection Form under your windshield wiper.  This indicates that you are ready to have your car inspected.
7. Wait for your car to be inspected.  After obtaining the event sticker and signed Tech Inspection Form from the Tech Inspector.  Apply sticker to the front top section of your windshield on the driver’s side. 
8. Proceed to the registration table with your signed Tech Inspection Form.
9. Check in and look for your pre-printed name on the PCA Waiver, sign it.
10. Apply your assigned car number to both sides of your vehicle.  Numbers should be 8” or larger (if you do not have pre-printed numbers use blue painters tape)
11. Relax, mix and mingle, walk the course or help setup the course until the drivers meeting at 9:20 am. 
12. And most importantly....Have Fun!
Participants are broken out into three groups: Drive, Rest, Work
1. This group will start driving at 9:30.
2. After your driving session is over, you will rest.
1. This group will start the day resting while the first group (Drive) runs the course at 9:30
2. Use this time to eat lunch, but please be ready to work
3. As the Drive group is finishing please keep an eye on the staging line for the last car to
complete the course.
4. After the last car has run and the course is “cold” promptly replace the workers on the
course. This enables us to quickly get the next driving group on the course

1. This group will work the course when we start at 9:30.
2. Please grab a safety vest before heading out to a workstation
3. Aside from the Starter there are no pre-assigned work stations. Fill in any work station with
less than two workers.
4. After the session is over and you are done working it is your turn to drive.
We will cycle through the process of again in the afternoon. Drive, Rest, Work. We will cover this again in the drivers meeting and address any questions that you may have.
Thanks, in advance for your cooperation.


48-65 356
65-69 912
70-75 914
76 912E
76-81 924
78-95 928
86-88 924
83-91 924S
86-89 944 Turbo
92-95 968
65-77 911
78-89 911
89-94 964

95-98 993 911
97-04 986 Boxster Base
99-04 996 911 Base
75-94 930 911 Turbo

00-04 986 Boxster S
05-12 987 Cayman Base
05-12 987 Boxster Base
99-04 996 911 S

05-12 987 Boxster S
05-12 987 Cayman S
13-16 981 Boxster Base
14-16 981 Cayman Base
05-12 997 Base

17-ON 718 Cayman Base
05-12 997 911 S
14-16 981 Cayman S
95-12 911 Turbo
13-16 981 Boxster S
10-12 997 911 GTS
12-19 991 911 Base
17-On 718 Boxster Base
12 987 Cayman R
19-ON 718 Boxster T
19-ON 718 Boxster T

12-19 991 911 S/GTS
19-On 992 911
04-07 GT3 997
10-12 987 Boxster Spyder
16 981 Boxster Spyder
17-On 718 Boxster S
17-On 718 Cayman S
17-On 718 Cayman GTS
17-On 718 Boxster GTS

18-On 991.2 911 T
12-On 991 911 Turbo
08-12 997.2 GT3
08-12 997.2 GT3 RS

20 991 Speedster
19-On 718 Boxster Spyder
13-On 991 GT3
13-On 991 GT3 RS
16 981 GT4
19 718 GT4

02-05 996 GT2
06-On GT2 RS
04-05 Carrera GT
14-15 918
19-On Taycan

03-On Cayenne Base
03-10 Cayenne S
13-On Cayenne Diesel
11-On Panamera Base

11-On Cayenne S
03-On Cayenne Turbo
08-10 Cayenne GTS
09 Cayenne Trans Siberia
14-On Macan Base
14-On Macan S
14-On Macan Turbo
16-On Macan GTS
11-On Panamera S & Turbo
13-On Cayenne Hybrid (All)
14-On Panamera S E-Hybrid (All)

Classification and Bumping Guidelines:

It will sometimes be necessary to group classes together in order to form a competitive group for awards.  It is preferred to have 3 or more competitors in a group. If that is not possible within these guidelines, a group may be comprised of less than 3 competitors.  If the competitor(s) in this group agree, they may at their option run in the next highest group regardless of the number of class bumps.

The exception to this rule is the Modified class which cannot be grouped with any other class.

Competitors will be bumped no more than one class to form a competitive group.  Grouping will be performed by Timing & Scoring based on the registration information from Clubregistration prior to the event.  It is important that the vehicle information is accurate and up to date upon registration

Vehicles are placed in the appropriate stock class using the current Parade Competition Rules for Autocross.  The Chicago Region has made some minor changes to these classes based on Region experience and participation numbers.  Modifications providing a positive effect in performance will cause the vehicle to be bumped up to a higher class depending on the type and number of modifications.

Competitors must compete in the class defined by the year, make and model of their car plus any bumping required by modifications.

Year End Awards:

The following point table will be used to calculate the finishing points for each event.  At year end, the point totals for each competitor will be calculated and the top 5 (five) will receive year end awards for the season. 

General Notes:

There must be at least a 5-minute cool down period between runs by a vehicle including re-runs.

The competition will have two categories, Open for all participants and Women’s.  Competitors must choose the category they will participate in prior to the start of the first event and must compete in that category for the remainder of the season.

Participants who do not pre-register will compete in X-Class for that event and will be ineligible for an event award.  PCA members will have their results integrated with the appropriate class at the end of the year for overall consideration.
Refund Policy We run our events rain (light-medium) or shine! In the event that conditions put participant safety at risk (i. e.  lightning) we will cancel the event and your registration fee will be applied to the next scheduled Precision Car Control event.  The decision to cancel an event will not not be made until the morning of the event. 

Refunds will not be issued for participant cancellation within three days of the event. 
Indemnity Policy I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Porsche Club of America-Chicago Region, as well as its directors, officers, employees, agents, advisors, and assigns (collectively, the "Club") from any loss, liability, damage, fees, or cost, including bodily injury or property damage of any sort, that I may incur or cause arising out of or related to my presence at or participation in the Club's events, whether caused by the negligence or fault of the Club, or otherwise.  I acknowledge that I remain solely responsible at all times for the safety and roadworthiness of my car, including its condition, preparation, and suitability for the Club's events, as well as my own physical and mental fitness to participate in Club events.  By participating in the Club's events, I am assuming all responsibility for risk of damage to or caused by my car, and agree that if I or my car damages or destroys any event facilities or property, I will reimburse the Club for any such expenses incurred, including without limitation, all costs and fees incurred in connection with the clean up, repair, or removal of any damaged property, spilled fluids, discarded tires or other scrap, or fees for late exit from the event facilities. 

I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Club and any supplementary rules or regulations provided in connection with the Club's events or by the event facilities owners or operators. 

Event Fees

Entry Type Fee Description
PCA Member $45.00 A card carrying PCA member
Non-Member Guest of PCA Member $45.00 A guest of a PCA member also driving a Porsche
Non-Porsche Participant $55.00 Participant not driving a Porsche.

Event Options

Event Options Fee
Chair Assistant
The purpose of this role is to develop resources to help manage future events. This role will work with the Autocross coordinator to learn the overall operations of running an event.
Course Set Up Assistance
In this role volunteers will work closely with the course designer to set up the course as well as to provide feedback and input to ensure the course lay out is safe.
Equipment Coordinator
This position will be responsible for coordinating the transfer of equipment from a local storage facility located minutes away from Boomers Stadium and will need to closely coordinate with the course designer. This position will also need to ensure that the proper number & size of rented helmets are onsite.
2020 Autocross T-shirt
2020 Autocross T-shirt purchases go directly to the Club's 2020 Charity, Automotive Mentoring Group. Shirts will be available at the event for purchase.
Tech Inspection Assistants
Volunteers for this position should be seasoned autocross participants and be very familiar with our Tech Sheet, car classifications and the safe mechanical operation of vehicles. This role will work closely with the Tech Coordinator.
This position will oversee the Registration/Check in process. Now that all participants must register online this role should be streamliined from years past. Volunteers will need to ensure that the PCA Waiver is signed upon check in.
Waiver Monitor
In this role volunteers need to politely ask newcomers to the event to sign the PCA release waiver. It is very important that every participant and spectator sign this form. This position we need a total of three volunteers.
This position will work along side our current Timing Team to learn how to use the equipment. The goal is for several individuals to become competent running this equipment. No timing, no event. Please consider stepping up to lend a hand in becoming a subject matter expert. We would like 3 individuals to commit to learning this position over the course of the year.
Trophy Distribution
This position will coordinate with Timing for final results, prepare trophies for distribution. Coordinate with Co-Chain and Chair to announce and distribute trophies. Only 1 volunteer is required for this position.
Post Event Evaluation
In this position will need to log onto the national PCA website and write up an unbiased summary of the days events. This is a requirement for us to maintain insurance coverage for our events.
Participant Only
If you are new to Precison Car Control/Autocross or not interested in one of the other volunteer positions, please select this option

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