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Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant - Event Cancelled

Driver's Ed

Registration Closed; Contact Northeast Region PCA at

Event Information

Hosted by Northeast Region PCA
Registrar / 774-275-1621
Location Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
Event Dates 07/01/22 - 07/03/22
Registration Dates 03/01/22 12:01 AM (opens)
(central time zone)

06/14/22 12:00 PM (closes)
(central time zone)
Description The Northeast Region PCA is returning to Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant for what has become an annual Canadian visit (not including two years missed due to COVID) to this outstanding 2.65 mi. – or if you prefer 4.26 km. – track set in the heart of the beautiful Laurentian Mountains. This always popular event is limited to 150 drivers (5 run groups with a maximum of 30 cars per run group).  We highly recommend that you register AND PAY early if you want to attend this event (remember, registering and NOT paying does not reserve your spot for the event). If we have more registrants than we can let in decisions on who gets in will be based on the date the registration fee is paid.
Refund Policy Cancellation & Refund Policies:

Cancellations due to COVID-19 will receive a full refund. 

Cancellations more than one month before the event will receive a full refund. 

Cancellations one month to two weeks before the event will receive a refund less the ClubReg handling fee. 

There is no refund for cancellation two weeks or less prior to the event.  An exception may be made at the discretion of the registrar and/or track chair and will be made only if your slot can be filled from the appropriate run group waiting list or if circumstances dictate.  The refund may be in the form of credit for a future NER DE event. 

There is no refund for a stopped event once a car has been on the track. 

There is no refund for those who do not come to the track if we are unable to start the event.  Partial refunds may be available to those who come to the track if we are unable to start the event. 

Refunds may be subject to the ClubReg service fee. 
Indemnity Policy When to register:

In most cases registration for all NER DE events opens on March 1st. 

As a general word of warning, be aware that both NER and NCR accept entries on a first-come, first-served basis (based on the date paid).  This year there will be greater demand for most events; we fully expect that some will sell out early.  Although you cannot register before registration opening day, we strongly suggest you register as early as possible after March 1st (for NER events) to avoid disappointment.  This is particularly important for the Green & Yellow student groups as the number admitted to any event is dependent upon the number of instructors signing up.  It's also very important for all drivers wishing to attend the Mont-Tremblant event in July as only 30 cars are allowed on the track at any time (a maximum of 150 cars for the event).  Student drivers, the earlier you sign up and pay the more likely you are to be confirmed for the event. 

Other important information about registration:

Though NER and NCR are entirely separate and distinct regions, we’ve done our best to coordinate our policies and procedures to make the DE season as seamless as possible.  Even so, please familiarize yourself with the host region's policies and protocols by reading the host region’s policies as found on their individual web sites.  Do not assume the rules you are accustomed to with your home region will be the same as those of other regions.  Your standard operating procedure should be to check the DE pages of any region's event you are attending far enough in advance to allow compliance with their policies (which may change from year to year). 

A few NER registration caveats:

Registration closes approximately 2 weeks prior to an event:

Signing up for an event without paying is not a full registration.  Until your payment is received, either by check or electronically, you are NOT registered and a space will NOT be held for you in the event. 

If you pay after the 2-week cut-off or at the event with permission of the registrar, you may be subject to a $25 / day event surcharge. 

All registrations will normally be for the entire event.  A driver wishing to register for fewer days than the entire event may pay a higher rate per day. 

Instructors are urged to register early to allow us to admit as many student drivers as possible. 

All of the above surcharges are at the discretion of the Track Chair, Registrar and/or Chief Instructor and will be determined by the individual circumstances of each event. 

Event Fees

Entry Type Fee Description
Green (Beginner) 3 days $900.00 All 3 days
Green (Beginner) 2 days $600.00 Any 2 Days
Green (Beginner) 1 day $300.00 Any 1 Day
Yellow (Novice) 3 days $900.00 All 3 days
Yellow (Novice) 2 days $600.00 Any 2 Days
Yellow (Novice) 1 day $300.00 Any 1 day
Blue (Solo) 3 days $900.00 All 3 days
Blue (Solo) 2 days $600.00 Any 2 Days
Blue (Solo) 1 day $300.00 Any 1 day
White (Intermediate) 3 days $900.00 All 3 days
White (Intermediate) 2 days $600.00 Any 2 Days
White (Intermediate) 1 day $300.00 Any 1 day
Black (Advance) 3 days $900.00 All 3 days
Black (Advance) 2 days $600.00 Any 2 Days
Black (Advance) 1 day $300.00 Any 1 day
Red (Instructor) 3 days $375.00 All 3 days
Red (Instructor) 2 days $250.00 Any 2 Days
Red (Instructor) 1 day $125.00 Any 1 day

Event Files

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