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Austin Schnell Fest - July 2022

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Event Information

Hosted by Austin Schnell Fest
Registrar / 512-757-7232
Location COTA
Event Dates 07/29/22 - 07/31/22
Registration Dates 06/15/22 12:00 PM (opens)
(central time zone)

07/25/22 12:00 PM (closes)
(central time zone)
Description Austin Schnell Fest – A Porsche Club of America Instructed High Performance Driver Education Event at Circuit of the Americas sponsored by the Hill Country, Lone Star and Maverick Regions of the Porsche Club of America with the support of our good friends at Houston Chapter BMW-CCA.  Club membership is not required in order to participate.  This event is not limited to Porsches and BMWs.  We have a wide variety of automobile types at our events including Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, Ferraris, McLaren’s, Vipers, etc.  Open wheel cars are not allowed.  Minimum driver age is 18 – must have a valid state drivers license.

Registration Opens at Noon Central Time Wednesday June 15th

Track Operation Hours will be:
- Friday July 29: Noon - 5:00 p.m.
- Saturday July 30: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
- Sunday July 31: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Event Description:
Schnell Fest will operate with the following four run groups:
- Novice (Instructed)
- Intermediate (Both Solo and Instructed)
- Advanced 1
- Advanced 2

Participant Pricing
- Friday only: $425
- Saturday and Sunday only: $950
- Friday/Saturday/Sunday: $1,150

The time that you make payment counts! Your spot in the queue of registrations, and for garage rental, is based not on the time that you submit your registration but based on the time of your payment.  If, at the time of registration, you do not pay, another applicant who registers later but pays before you will be accepted before you. 

¼ Garage spots are available for $300 for the entire weekend. A participant may reserve as many as four garage spots.  If you are assigned a garage spot or spots, we will advise you of your garage assignment roughly one week before the event.

Schnell Fest will be conducted in compliance with all applicable public health orders.

For additional event details see the Event Files section below and

Questions: David Gross, Event Chairman:
Refund Policy Persons cancelling by Noon Central Time on July 15th will receive a full refund.  There will be no refunds for cancellations made after Noon Central Time on July 15th with the exception of registrants who have contracted COVID and provide a positive COVID test result. 
The Schnell Fest event website contains a link to COTA’s Rules: http://austinschnellfest. clubregistration. net/cotaRules. pdf. 

COTA’s Rules specifically state that each driver will be responsible for all costs arising from repair of the COTA Facility property arising from damage due to his/her actions.  The COTA Rules linked above contain a specific schedule of damage fees for damage to asphalt, guard rails, tire barriers, fencing, etc. 

By registering for this event you acknowledge that you have read the COTA Rules, you are familiar with the COTA charges for damages to the COTA Facility, and agree that if your actions cause damage to COTA Facilities you will pay COTA damages according to their schedule, or for unscheduled damages you will pay COTA the damage amounts they require. 

Further, you agree to indemnify Hill Country Region-PCA, Lone Star Region-PCA, Maverick Region-PCA and Houston Chapter BMW-CCA for any claims brought against them for damages to COTA Facilities caused by your actions. 

Event Fees

Entry Type Fee Description
Driver: Friday Afternoon (Intermediate Instructed and all Solo) $425.00 Note: There will not be any Novice Instructed offered on Friday
Driver: Sat/Sun (Instructed and Solo) $950.00
Driver: Fri/Sat/Sun (Instructed and Solo) $1,150.00
Instructor: Fri/Sat/Sun $250.00 Approved Instructors only
Instructor: Sat/Sun $300.00 Approved Instructors only
Instructor - not driving $0.00 Approved Instructors only
Staff $0.00 Requires prior approval from Event Mgmt
Crew/Support $0.00 Any non-driving person attending the DE with a registered Driver

Event Options

Event Options Fee
1/4 garage option

Event Files

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