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HPDE - November 2022

Driver's Ed

Registration does not open until 12:00:00 PM on 10/05/22
Current time is 10:39:50 PM 06/27/22

Event Information

Hosted by Austin Schnell Fest
Registrar / 512-757-7232
Location COTA
Event Dates 11/18/22 - 11/20/22
Registration Dates 10/05/22 12:00 PM (opens)
(central time zone)

11/14/22 12:00 PM (closes)
(central time zone)
Description This Porsche Club of America Driver Education event is a joint presentation of the Hill Country, Lone Star and Maverick Regions - PCA, with the support of our good friends at the Houston Chapter BMW-CCA. We’re calling these events at COTA the "Austin Schnell Fests" to emphasize the fact that these events are not just for Porsche or BMW Drivers - drivers of every make are invited to participate, and membership in PCA or BMW-CCA is not necessary.

On Friday September 17th we will run from 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.  Each run group will receive three 25-minute scheduled sessions.  On Saturday and Sunday September 18-19, each run group will receive four 30-minute scheduled sessions per day.

Garages will be rented in 1/4 slots and any individual entrant can purchase up to 4 slots if they want a whole garage.  After Registration closes, all who registered for a garage will receive an email asking their preference for who they would like to garage with or near.  We will use our best efforts to honor those preferences when making assignments.  Garage assignments will be sent out no later than Wednesday the week of the event.

More information is available on the event website:

Questions: contact or 512-497-1111.
Refund Policy Cancellations received by Noon Central Time on May 21st will receive a full refund.  Persons who cancel later than that deadline will receive a refund only if we are able to fill your spot with another driver by Noon Central Time on May 28th.  If we are unable to fill your spot with another driver prior to Noon Central Time on May 28th, then you will not receive a refund - no exceptions.  Registrations received after May 21st are subject to the above policy! If you do not show up for the event you will not receive a refund. 

Covid Addendum to Refund Policy

If you have a recent positive test for COVID-19, or you have symptoms, or a known recent exposure to COVID-19, then DO NOT ATTEND THIS EVENT.  We will credit your registration and garage payments toward the next Schnell Fest HPDE at COTA in 2021. 

(1) The time that you make payment counts! Your spot in the queue of registrations is based not on the time that you submit your registration but based on the time of your payment.  If, at the time of registration, you do not pay, another applicant who registers later but pays before you will be accepted before you.  Remember time of payment counts!


Formula 1 garages will be available for rental by participants.  A garage can hold up to four cars. 

Garage spot rental is identical to that of registration priority; it's not when you register for a garage spot(s), it's when you pay that determines your priority.  If you are assigned a garage spot or spots, roughly one week before the event we will advise you of your garage assignment. 

The Schnell Fest event website contains a link to COTA’s Rules: http://austinschnellfest. clubregistration. net/cotaRules. pdf.  COTA’s Rules specifically state that each driver will be responsible for all costs arising from repair of the COTA Facility property arising from damage due to his/her actions.  The COTA Rules linked above contain a specific schedule of damage fees for damage to asphalt, guard rails, tire barriers, fencing, etc.  By registering for this event you acknowledge that you have read the COTA Rules, you are familiar with the COTA charges for damages to the COTA Facility, and agree that if your actions cause damage to COTA Facilities you will pay COTA damages according to their schedule, or for unscheduled damages you will pay COTA the damage amounts they require.  Further, you agree to indemnify Hill Country Region-PCA, Lone Star Region-PCA, Maverick Region-PCA and Houston Chapter BMW-CCA for any claims brought against them for damages to COTA Facilities caused by your actions. 

Event Fees

Entry Type Fee Description
Intro to HPDE: Friday only $350.00 Limited to first time drivers
Intro to HPDE (Fri) + Sat/Sun $1,150.00
Driver: Fri/Sat/Sun (Solo only) $1,150.00
Driver: Sat/Sun (Instructed and Solo) $950.00
Driver: Friday (Afternoon only; Solo only) $425.00
Instructor: ITH + Fri/Sat/Sun $175.00 Approved Instructors only
Instructor: Fri/Sat/Sun $250.00 Approved Instructors only
Instructor: Sat/Sun $300.00 Approved Instructors only
Instructor - not driving $0.00 Approved Instructors only
Staff $0.00 Requires prior approval from Event Mgmt
Crew/Support $0.00 Any non-driving person attending the DE with a registered Driver

Event Options

Event Options Fee
1/4 garage option

Event Files

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