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Peachstate 225 Enduro and Sprint Races 2024

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Hosted by Peachstate Region PCA
Registrar / 706.690.6317
Location Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta
Event Dates 04/12/24 - 04/14/24
Registration Dates 02/26/24 08:00 PM (opens)
(central time zone)

04/07/24 11:59 PM (closes)
(central time zone)
Description Peachstate 225 Enduro & Sprint Races

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, April 12-14, 2024

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta (MRRA) is recognized as one of the finest—and most challenging—road racing circuits in North America. The Peachstate Region Club Race weekend is one of the most fun events every year with great racing, HPDE driving, and a great Saturday Social with friends. This event should be on everyone’s bucket list.

The 2024 Peachstate Club Race weekend will be a three-day event featuring both Sprint Races and 90-minute “Endurance Races."

This is the 3rd race in the 2024 Clubsport Series
This is the 1st race in the 2024 Pirelli Triple Trofeo Championship for GTB1

If this will be your first time at this track (or your 50th), plan to watch David Murray Motorsports’ “How to Drive Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta” webinar recording. This webinar will be free April 9 -14 at

Want more track time?
~ David Murry Days will be Tues. April 9 and Wed. April 10. (Not a PCA event). For more information:
~ There will be a track test day on Thursday, April 11.  This is a non-PCA event.  You can contact MRRA at or Shannon Leach,, for more information. 

Private coaching by David Murry is also available on Thursday, April 11 (maximum of 4 racers) - see attached flyer.

Bring a friend. They can participate in the 3-DAY Advanced HPDE.
In addition, we will host a Drivers Education for Solo Drivers of all levels. This is an HPDE event for novice and advanced solo drivers only and will be held in conjunction with the club race. The Novice Solo run group will have limited passing in three zones on the track with a point-by. The Advanced Solo run group will have open passing anywhere on the track with a point-by. 

Registration for the HPDE is a separate event on Club Registration.

Please note: Our Porsche Club Race is the featured event. Racers will be given preference over other groups. Advanced Solo is next, and finally Novice Solo. If a very large number of racers choose to participate, the Novice Solo group could possibly be cancelled. If this were to happen, a full refund would be issued to the Novice Solo run group. With that said, please register early and show your support. All marques are welcome for the HPDE.

Tire support:
Pirelli - Frisby Performance Tire (800) 798-7201 or  Please pre-order by Monday, April 1st.

Hoosier and others: John Harris
Appalachian Race Tire 865 681 6622 / Please pre-order by Monday, April 1st.

For additional information, you may contact any of the following:
• Race Chair Mike Wilson
• Race Co-Chair Andrew Douglas

See you at the track!

Agreement I understand that my registration for this Club Race event will not be confirmed until payment is received and I have submitted all required paperwork and requested information which may include (but is not limited to) on-line waivers, log book information, guest information, and team information. Any 'special circumstances' regarding fee payment should be brought to the attention of the event registrar immediately.

All PCA Club Race registrants are required to sign, as part of this registration, the PCA Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement for the Club Race portion of the weekend. 

I understand that I and all of my guests and crew may be required to sign track waivers at the track gate in order to receive the track/general event wristbands and gain admittance to the track property. Unless replaced by your Club Race Run Group wristband(s), the track issued wristbands must be worn at all times while on track property. Minor waivers are required for all attendees who are minors (anyone under the age of 18). Please review the event file: Minor Waivers 2024.

All PCA Club Race registrants are then required to complete at-track registration to receive Run Group wristband(s). 

This event is held under the current PCA Club Racing Rules. I agree to abide by the PCA Club Racing Rules and the supplementary regulations of this event.

All PCA Club Race registrants are required to have a current PCA Club Racing License (or approved New License Application), current Medical Forms (on-file in the PCA Club Racing Office), and a current PCA Membership. (New License Applications must be received by the Club Racing Program Coordinator three weeks prior to the event.)

Please Note:
Peachstate Region PCA reserves the right to limit the number of support vehicles into the Support Paddock. All parking will be under the direction of the Peachstate Region PCA Club Race Staff. Given the limited availability of parking within the various areas of the Paddock we appreciate your cooperation. Additional parking is available for crew and friends in other parking areas.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the organizers of this event and their agents, with respect to the condition and preparation of my registered car, or any subsequent failure or damage to my registered car or its occupants as a result of such failures. 

I acknowledge that at all times I remain solely responsible for the safety and roadworthiness of my registered car. 

I hereby certify that I am a member in good standing of the Porsche Club of America, and have no known physical or mental problems, which might jeopardize others or myself if I participate in this event.

My at-track registration signifies that my registered car information is complete and accurate and that my car has a current valid Club Racing log book. Incorrect information may cause me to be black-flagged from the track.

All Rookie Candidates and First Time Provisionals for whom this will be their first PCA Club Race MUST attend the Orientation Meeting. Others may be required to attend by invitation. All those required to attend will be notified as to the time, place, and date. Confirmation of attendance is required.

I agree that I am required to reimburse the PCA Peachstate Region for any fees or physical damage to the track or its facilities caused by myself, my crew, and my guests and that these are not covered in my registration fee. Payment is due upon invoice.

The points races at this Club Race will earn points towards the 2024 PCA Club Racing National Championship Points Series.

Refund policy
I understand there is a refund of race entry fees only (no souvenir refunds) minus $100 admin fees and any PayPal/Credit card fees for cancellations processed via cancellation function after acceptance and before April 2, 2024.  ANY cancellation received after April 2, 2024 is ineligible for refund.  All cancellation requests MUST be in writing to the Event Registrar.  Peachstate PCA reserves the right to refuse any application.

Event Options

Event Options Fee
Sprint PRIMARY Driver
2 Sprint Races. Please select this option if you are the primary driver and will be driving in the correct Sprint Race class. Registration includes Driver Polo Shirt (see option to select size) and 1 Saturday Social Ticket. Extra Saturday Social Tickets for family, crew, and friends are available for purchase (see option)
Sprint CO-Driver
2 Sprint Races. Please use this option if you are the 2nd driver in shared Sprint Race car and will drive out of class. Registration includes Driver Polo Shirt (see option to select size) and 1 Saturday Social Ticket. Extra Saturday Social Tickets for family, crew, and friends are available for purchase (see option)
Enduro PRIMARY Driver
Please use this option if you are the primary driver in the Enduro Race. This option requires a Sprint Race Registration.
Enduro CO-Driver
Please use this option ONLY if you are the 2nd driver in shared Enduro Race car. This option requires a Sprint Race Registration in your own car.
Enduro ONLY CO-Driver
Please use this option only if you are the 2nd driver in shared Enduro Race car AND you are NOT registered for the Sprint Race in your own car. Registration includes a Driver Polo Shirt or Saturday Social Ticket. Extra Saturday Social Tickets for family, crew, and friends are available for purchase (see option)
Driver Polo shirt (select size here)
Short sleeved - Sapphire Blue Men's sizing - Sizes S - 4XL For 5XL please contact the registrar.
EXTRA Saturday Social Tickets
For family, crew, and friends.

Event Files

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