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PCA Zone 12 Oktoberfast Advanced Solo DE

Driver's Ed

Registration Closed

Event Information

Hosted by PCA Zone 12
Registrar / 904-910-0596
Location Daytona International Speedway
Event Dates 10/27/17 - 10/29/17
Registration Dates 07/15/17 12:01 AM (opens)
(central time zone)

10/24/17 12:00 PM (closes)
(central time zone)
Description PCA Zone 12 is sponsoring an Advanced Solo DE at the historic Daytona International Speedway on Oct 27th/28th/29th, 2017. The DE will be held in conjunction with Oktoberfast, the Zone 12 PCA Club Race.  Our Driver's Education Series is open to PCA and non-PCA members; we welcome all makes and models, including convertibles with the proper roll bar protection (if you have any questions pertaining your car or the required safety protection, please contact the DE Chair, Jim Burnett @ 575-336-1198 (July through Sept) at 904-247-9204 in Oct or via e mail at

Please be sure your driving credentials are updated in your profile.  This will simplify and speed confirmation of your registration.  Driving credentials will be verified, prior to your being confirmed for the event.

DRIVER requirements - this DE event has only ONE RUN GROUP and will use the PCA EXPANDED PASSING RULES.  There are no instructed run groups.  Therefore drivers must be:
(1) 18 or older with a valid driver’s license to enter
(2) A PCA National Instructor or
(3) Achieved Advanced Solo status with their home region


(4) Minimum 4 FULL events in an instructor or advanced solo run group using PCA expanded passing rules (or similar) verified in your ClubRegistration history or by a Chief Driving Instructor(s).  PCA Expanded Passing allows for passing anywhere on the track, including the turns, with a point by.

The EVENT requirements are:

(1) Your vehicle has to be safety-checked by a professional mechanic within three weeks of the event and re-checked by our tech team at the track-grid tech (a confirmation email with the approved tech-form will be emailed to you once you complete your registration)

(2) We recommend that cars be equipped with DOT "R" tires, but street tires rated for speeds of 149 mph or higher (V, W, Y, or Z) may be used. Tires must be new or nearly new or you will risk not passing the at-track final tech inspection

(3) You must have an approved SA2010 or SA2015 helmet (no motorcycle helmets permitted)

NOTE: Boxsters and other late model Porsche convertibles (996/997) may participate with the tops up. Boxster Spyders must run with the top up, but may not exceed 124 mph. In addition, we strongly recommend a roll bar or full cage, a harness, a HANS device, and PCA endorsed track insurance (available through 

The registration fee is $550 for 3 days and $500 for 2 days. Registration is limited so sign up now.  Garage rental is $175 for either two or three days. Sign up for a garage on the Event Option page.

In addition to paying for your garage during registration, you can now choose your garage, as well.  Follow the instructions for reserving a specific Yellow garage by using the provided Yellow Garage Layout available as a pdf attachment on the garage option page.  Please note the following:
1.  Once a garage has been selected and paid for, that garage # will no longer be available on the drop-down list of garages.  This is how you'll know a garage is already reserved.
2.  Event management reserves the right to reassign you to a different garage.  Generally, this will only happen if event management is attempting to meet a request to have multiple registrants in adjoining garages.  However, once you've reserved and paid for a garage, you will definitely have a garage.  You cannot be bumped, only reassigned (potentially).
3.  FOR A GROUP TO BE COLOCATED - one member must reserve/pay for all garages.

There is not an event hote as all Daytona related activities are at the track.  There are many lodging options in the Daytona/Daytona Beach area. Lodging arrangements are on your own.

Questions? You can contact the DE Chair, Jim Burnett @ 575-336-1198 (July through Sept) and at 904-247-9204 in Oct, or via e mail at
Refund Policy Written notice to the Daytona Oktoberfast DE Registrar must be received prior to the applicable deadlines listed below.  Full refund up to two weeks prior to the event – close of business October 13, 2017.  Inside two weeks of the event (i. e. , after October 13, but, before the start of the event on October 27) half credit for the same event for the following year.  No refunds / credit once event has started (10/27/17).  No refund on special order merchandise, i. e. , extra event t-shirt(s). 
Indemnity Policy Participants acknowledge that PCA Zone 12 high performance driving events entail known and unanticipated risks which could result in damage to the participant, to property or to third parties, physical or emotional injury, paralysis or death.  The participant understands that such risks simply cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the driving event.  Participation in this event is purely voluntary; the participant expressly agrees to accept and assume all associated risks and elects to participate in spite of the risks. 

Event Fees

Entry Type Fee Description
Driver - 3 Day Option $550.00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday Advanced Solo DE
Driver - 2 Day Option $500.00 Saturday, Sunday Advanced Solo DE
Professional Driving Coach $200.00
Event Support Staff $0.00

Event Options

Event Options Fee
Free Event T-Shirt
Extra Event T-Shirt
Garage Rental
GARAGE RENTAL & SELECTION ---- HERE'S HOW: 1.) View the Yellow Garage diagram in the file below 2.) Select your desired garage. 3.) Save your selection TO COLOCATE A GROUP - one driver must reserve and pay for all garages in the group. QUESTIONS - or call Bob Linville at 904.536.7800
RV Parking
RV parking in the Daytona Owners Lot (infield). Electrical and water connections. Fee is for 3 nights (Thur-Sat). 24 hour access to infield. Garage areas are secured at 7PM each night.

Event Files

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