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Peachstate Region PCA
Rennfest (Multi-Segment)

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Event Information

Location The Ridges, Young Harris, Georgia
Event Dates 09/01/17 - 09/04/17
Registration Dates 05/02/17 12:01 AM (opens)
(central time zone)

08/16/17 01:00 PM (closes)
(central time zone)
Description Peachstate Region Porsche Club of America
September 1-4, 2017

Labor Day Weekend, September 1-4, Rennfest 2017 will be held at The Ridges Hotel, Young Harris GA.  The resort is located directly on beautiful Lake Chatuge in the North Georgia Mountains. Please join us as the Peachstate Region continues the 49th annual celebration of Rennfest, gathering of this Multi-event weekend. Multi-event means that we pack a Concours, TSD Rally, Autocross, Driving Tours, a Remote Control Cars Autocross, and a Tech Quiz all into one action packed weekend. Rennfest is a great opportunity to relax, socialize, reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. We welcome all Porsche enthusiasts to attend Rennfest and join our friendly competition. 

Due to the unique size of the resort we were only able to reserve 40 rooms for the holiday weekend. Register early!! After completing your registration you will receive an email with instructions for making a room reservation at the host hotel.

Included in your $145 per adult PCA member registration is our Friday Welcome Social, Commemorative Event Polo Shirt, Rally and Autocross Basic Instructional Sessions, Door Prizes, our Saturday evening Social Dinner. The weekend is topped off with a spectacular Sunday evening Dinner & Awards Banquet. (Registration also includes all those multi event activities that you choose to participate in.)
PCA members must register with the current PCA member number.
Non-PCA Members registration fee is $175.00 per person.
All PCA members must enter their PCA number

Mark your calendars, and contact the following website for registration: Upon your completed registration for the event you will be provided a special event code for our special pricing of $139.00 per night rate. Be sure to register before the July 1, 2017 deadline to take advantage of the special registration rate of $145.00, and room rate of $139.00. Non-PCA member’s registration fee is $175.00 per person. Due to the unique size of the resort we are limited to only 40 rooms for the holiday weekend! We cannot guarantee room availability, nor room rate after July 1st, 2017. 

For Event or Registration questions, please e-mail
Rick Daniels at
Addt'l Payment Info. NA
Refund Policy No refunds are available within 45 days of event. 
Indemnity Policy DRIVERS EDUCATION EVENTS - I understand that I am required to reimburse Peachstate Region for any fees or physical damage to the track or its facilities caused by myself, my crew and guests and that these are not covered in my registration fee. 

As a condition of my participation in this Driver's School, I agree that I will be responsible for myself and my vehicle at all times, and I hereby release the Porsche Club of America, Peachstate Region, Inc.  and their officers, agents, and officials from any claim, liability, cost or expense arising from my attendance at this school.  I further agree that the vehicle used during this event will be operated only by a fully licensed driver over the age of 18, and that the said vehicle will be fully covered by liability and property damage insurance in full force and effect during the school. 

AUTOCROSS EVENTS - Each person entering the premises of the autocross site must sign a release and waiver of liability.  Children must have a responsible parent or guardian sign a release and waiver of liability for them. 

Event Fees

Entry Type Fee Description
PCA Member $145.00 Includes full participation
Non-Member $170.00

Event Options

Event Options Fee
If you haven't shown your car in the past, consider entering a Concours in 2016. All Porsche owners are welcome and all models and years are desired. For those new to Concours we will continue our successful "Rookie' program initiated last year. Concours entrants will be divided into 2 groups, "Rookie" and "Experienced" based on their participation in previous Concours events. Those entrants who are participating for the first time, OR who have participated in only one Concours in a previous year will compete in the "Rookie" group. Those who have participated in more than two Concours previously, will compete in the "Experienced" group. Best prepared cars will be recognized and awards presented in both "Rookie" and "Experienced" groups.
Autocross is a timed, solo competition - there is no wheel-to-wheel racing involved, as cars are well separated on the course. Autocross courses are laid out utilizing plastic traffic cones that won't damage your car in various straights, turns, and slaloms. Our courses allow for highway speeds in certain sections of the course if the area is large enough to do so safely. The top speed at most autocross courses is around 55 to 60 MPH; each run is timed, but a two second penalty is applied for each cone hit. Autocross is a GREAT way to learn about your car and how to get the maximum performance out of it. There is probably no better way to learn braking, throttle control, clutch control, steering, and smoothness than participating in an autocross event. It is also a great way to enjoy your car and get a better feel for all that it can do. It's challenging in different ways than a road course; turns come at you faster and can give you the feeling of driving a Formula I at speed. At Road Atlanta there are 12 turns, on an autocross course there might be 20 turns. Here you will find that smoothness counts. While your actual speed will not be that fast, turns come at you faster than on a race course. Knowing your line and setting up for the next turn is an art to master to become a good autocross driver and will make you both a better road course driver and street driver. You will learn the importance of driving ahead of your car.
A Rally is a timed logic contest that is driven on paved public roads, at or below legal speeds. It consists of two principles – Course Following and Timing. A fun way to state this is, countryside driving, in your Porsche, with a purpose. Peachstate Rallies are TSD (Time, Speed, Distance) and are the only competitive events, where a team, of driver and navigator, work together to stay on course and be on time. A Rally is divided up into Legs, which are measured and timed separately and vary in length. The Rally Master will lay out the course, hopefully on low traffic, scenic country roads with the participant’s safety and pleasure in mind. It is the participants challenge to find the course and to stay on it. The object is to get you to the party at the end, while having fun in your Porsche. The Rally team with the lowest score wins. The Rally Master has measured each leg of the Rally course. Based on speed limits and road conditions, he assigns a CAST (Change Average Speed To) for each leg segment, this establishes the official Leg time and a penalty point is awarded for each second you are early or late. Since each Leg is its own entity, early or late on one Leg cannot be made up on another Leg of the Rally. The object of this game is for your Leg time to be exactly the same as the official Leg time. Peachstate has two Rally classes. SOP (Seat of the Pants) is our competitive class, allowing only driver and navigator in the Rally car. The TOUR class is for new or occasional Rallyists and also allows extra passengers in the Rally car. The Rally route instructions are more detailed for the TOUR class. Each major turn along the route is explained, to keep the participants on course and to enhance the understanding of the General Rally rules and how they are applied
Tech Quiz
Awards Banquet
Our awards banquet will be held Sunday evening, September 3, 2017. The banquet will be held in the main ballroom.
Child Ticket
Event Shirt
Co-Driver Shirt
Must have a two person team to receive this shirt.

Event Files

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