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Rides of March

Driver's Ed

Registration Closed; Contact Cimarron Region PCA at

Event Information

Hosted by Cimarron Region PCA
Location Hallet Motor Racing Circuit
Event Dates 03/17/18 - 03/16/18
Registration Dates 01/19/18 12:01 AM (opens)
(central time zone)

03/19/18 12:00 PM (closes)
(central time zone)
Description Suffering from the winter blahs? Itching for some fun and excitement? Well, you have come to the right place! Join us and other likeminded car enthusiast, on the track at the 2018 "Rides of March" at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, March 17, 2018. 

The "Rides of March" is a fantastic one-day High Performance Driver's Education event offered by the Cimarron Region, PCA.  It is a great chance to get onto the track, shake off those winter blues and start the year out right. 
Experience the fun and excitement of driving the car you love, the way it was meant to be driven on a track designed for just that. 

First time drivers are assigned to an instructor while learning the techniques of driving on the track.  Instructors will evaluate new drivers and once a level of skill and comprehension is achieved, drivers will advance to the next run group and then be "signed off" to drive on their own (solo).

PCA now requires SA2010 helmets or newer.  Older models and motorcycle helmets WILL NOT be accepted.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

If you don't input a car number with your registration, one will randomly be assigned to you.  If you have a dedicated car number, please put it on the registration. This is NOT a timed event, so car numbers are for identification on track only. 

******* Instructors: Please Read! *******
Unless you are registering as a Non-Driving Instructor, and you are interested in being an instructor, please register as a DRIVER FIRST.  If selected by Gary Bernard, to be an instructor, and there are no other issues, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail.  Your registration will be changed by us and your refund (the fee difference between driver and instructor) will be processed.  The number of instructors needed will be determined by the number of students registered. Instructors may be wait listed.

********New PCA requirement for Driver Education Events********
If your vehicle is equipped with Automatic Emergency Braking Systems, such as automatic braking, or lane assist, please follow the policy as stated. " At this time, it is not known how these systems will react at speed in the HPDE environment. For the safety of all participants PCA has decided not to allow affected vehicles to run with our group at HPDE events unless the system can be and is turned off." This information is listed on the tech sheet.

Additional helpful information will be included with your confirmation email, but if you have any questions now, feel free to contact me at:

Sheryl Phillips
Registrar CRPCA

Refund Policy Cancellations prior to 3/9/18 will be refunded less a $25 fee.  Cancellations after 3/9/18 will be at the discretion of the event organizers. 
Indemnity Policy Please see host website for details.

Event Fees

Entry Type Fee Description
1 Day Driver Registration $240.00
1 Day Instructor Registration $150.00
Non Driving Instructor $0.00

Event Options

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