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Car Control School LSRPCA

Registration Closed

Event Information

Hosted by Lone Star Region PCA
Registrar / 832-283-5020
Location Houston Police Academy
Event Dates 05/04/19 - 05/04/19
Registration Dates 03/01/19 12:01 AM (opens)
(central time zone)

05/01/19 12:00 PM (closes)
(central time zone)
Description At CAR CONTROL SCHOOL, an Instructor rides in the car with each Student and talks the Student through 8 driving exercises in one day.  CCS is open to any Licensed driver, age 16 and over, in any model of car, SUV or truck.  Students learn skills that make them safer, better, and more confident drivers. 
CCS is not a high speed autocross or track driving event, though some Students choose to pursue such events following their CCS experience. 
CCS is hosted at Houston Police Academy, 17000 Aldine Westfield Rd (near Bush Intercontinental Airport). 
Each participant Must Be Registered Separately using her or his individual ClubRegistration account. 
If you wish, you CAN Share a Car with a relative or friend.  When registering each person separately, add the "Co-Driver" on each person's registration to guarantee you are placed in the same driving group. 
Coffee and donuts in the morning plus beverages (water & sodas) and a box lunch, are included. 
Registration is limited to 44 students and is open until Wednesday before the event, or until registration fills. 
Registered participants will receive additional info via email approximately two weeks before the event.  I look forward to seeing you!
Alan Kendall, Chair, LSR PCA Car Control School
Mobile: 832-283-5020
Addt'l Payment Info. NA
Refund Policy Cancellation Policy for LSRPCA Car Control School
Lone Star Region (LSR) PCA incurs significant costs sponsoring Car Control School (CCS) including site rental, food and beverage, plus police and fire department support.  These costs are generally non-refundable to LSR.  LSR has the following cancellation policy for CCS Registrants:
1) If you cancel prior to 10 days before the CCS (prior to noon on the Wednesday one week before the event), your monies will be refunded in full. 
2) If you cancel within 10 days before the event (after noon on the Wednesday one week before the event) and we are unable to substitute another participant in your place prior to 4 days before the event, you will forfeit all monies. 
3) If you do not show up to CCS on the day of the event, you will forfeit all monies. 
4) If the event is sold out, you will be advised prior to the event and may choose to be put on the wait list, forward your registration to a future CCS event, or cancel your registration for a full refund.  If you are wait-listed and no spot opens up by noon on the Wednesday before the event, you will have the option to have your registration forwarded to a future (scheduled) CCS event or be refunded by Wednesday after the event. 
5) In the unusual situation where CCS is canceled by LSR, all participants will have the option to forward their registration to a future (scheduled) CCS event or to be refunded all monies in full. 
Policy Effective Date: May 1, 2017
Author: Chair, LSRPCA CCS
(1) Application is based on the time of Payment.  If, at the time you register, you do not pay, another applicant who pays before you will be accepted before you.  Remember time of Payment counts!
(2) It is YOUR responsibility to enter your verified PCA membership number in your ClubRegistration. net Account Profile.  If no PCA member number is recorded in your Account Profile at registration, it will be assumed you are not a PCA member.  As such, you will be expected to pay the non-PCA member registration fee.  If you have not entered your PCA number, you give up your right to PCA-discounted registration fee! If you do not know your PCA Member number, call PCA at 410-381-0911 or visit www. pca. org/membership

You will receive a confirmation email you when your application has been accepted, which is contingent on your Payment having been received.  Check www. ClubRegistation. net for your registration status. 

Applications are accepted in the order Payment is Received, regardless of whether a PCA member or non-member.  This means a non-member who submits an application and makes payment will have preference over a PCA member who registers but does not make payment until later. 

To receive the discounted PCA Member Rate: a) Applicant must include her/his PCA Membership number in her/his ClubRegistration. net Account Profile, and b) ClubRegistration. net must be able to validate with PCA the Member number as the correct and current membership number associated with that PCA member. 
THERE ARE NO WALK-ONS ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT, regardless of whether or not all open positions have been filled. 

Since it is possible to apply to participate without making payment, your application is time-stamped as to when you make Payment, not as to when you made the on-line application.  Applicants are therefore encouraged to Pay at the same time they register. 
Our system will record your time of Payment as your application time.  Irrespective of when you apply on-line, your application will not be accepted until your Payment has been received.  This means that if someone applies after you but pays before you, the person who paid will be accepted before you.  For example, if there is only one spot available and you apply but do not pay, then someone who pays before you, even if they applied after you, will get that spot. 
Effective Policy Date: May 1, 2017
Author: Chair, LSRPCA CCS

Event Fees

Entry Type Fee Description
Non-PCA Member $150.00
PCA Member* age 20+ $120.00
Non-PCA Member age 16-19 $75.00
Child of PCA Member* age 16-19 $50.00
Instructor $0.00
Volunteer $0.00 * PCA Membership will be validated prior to being confirmed. Enter your PCA Member number under My Account Profile

Event Options

Event Options Fee
Extra lunch (Sat)
You can buy an extra lunch for non-participating company. Cost is $15 per person.

Event Files

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